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Novelty Fabric

Look no further when you want fabric remnants or yardage that are truly unique and collectible. Our authentic vintage novelty fabric is not only scarce, but highly collectible and will only go up in value. There is a certain amount of detective work needed to know if a fabric is authentically vintage fabric or a reproduction fabric. With many years of research under her belt, you can be sure Nan offers only authentic vintage novelty fabric.

Create wearable art from our valuable fabrics designed by fine artists such as Grandma Moses, Marimekko’s Maija Isola, and the Associated American Artists group. Artist designed novelty fabric remnants framed, creates-appealing texture unlike glossy framed prints. Own a piece of artist designed vintage fabric and you own a piece of art history.

Nothing brings back the wonderful memories of childhood like our vintage character novelty fabrics Holly Hobbie, Mickey Mouse, and Raggedy Ann. Bring back the era of the Wild West into your vintage home décor with our vintage cowboy fabric perfect for pillows and throws. Our 1950s boomerang and amoeba fabrics will transform a handbag into a fantastically fun industrious piece. If quilting is your passion, one-of-a-kind novelty fabrics create an exciting quilt theme.

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